Bale: I do not believed that was not goal


Gareth Bale has stated that he believed that his goal was canceled.

The meeting was the judge who granted foul on Jordi Alba after Bale jumped at the highest and head finished for the 2-1 goal, only to be canceled a few seconds later.

Bale was very happy, but then he was surprised by decision of the arbitrator, this highly dubious decision.

“I think the title in La Liga is possible if we believe that we can do this”.
“We know it will not be easy, but we must give the event itself.”

“The most important thing is the victory helps us feel stronger.”

“I do not believed that my goal was canceled. Referee said that i shove Alba, but I did not touch him. I am tall and I made sure to not touch him, because I know the like are referees in Spain, “said Bale


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