Casemiro: It’s a tough injury to recover from



A fissure in the fibula or lower leg will keep Casemiro sidelined for two more weeks, and it is somewhat of an uncommon injury compared to problems in the heel or other ankle injuries, and yet the Brazilian midfielder vows to return as soon as possible.

The pivot’s role within the side provides balance to the team as a whole, and Zinedine Zidane’s squad have been held to four consecutive draws without him, which just goes to show how important Casemiro has become.

“It is a bit of a tough injury to recover from but I’m looking forward to making my return,” Casemiro said. “It’s frustrating not being out on the pitch helping your teammates and being able to sacrifice for the team.”

Nonetheless, the Brazilian has rejected talk of it being his absence which has contributed to Real’s inability to get all three points in recent weeks.

“I’m an important player just like all players are important,” he insisted. “Without my teammates I wouldn’t be, so we should learn to value everyone accordingly.”


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