Cristiano Ronaldo to become a Father for the second time



Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly set to become a father for the second time following claims originating from Portugal and will take sole custody of the child as he did with his first-born, Cristiano Jr, in 2010.

It is said that Ronaldo will use a surrogate mother once again and has already made significant progress after allegedly completing a lot of paperwork associated with the procedure on a trip to the United States over Christmas.

Keen observers will have also noticed that Ronaldo celebrated in a La Liga game against Celta Vigo earlier this month by putting the ball under his shirt as if to simulate a pregnancy bump.

The three-time Ballon d’Or winner is eager for things to be perfect and will not spare any expense, having previously spent around €1m to secure everything for his son’s birth nearly six years ago.

Ronaldo’s preference for surrogacy means that his children will grow up without their mothers – he took extreme care to keep the mother’s identity private in 2010 and will likely do so again – as he raises them by himself.

However, his own mother, Dolores Aveiro, has so far been heavily involved in taking care of the child affectionately known as Cristianinho. That much was clear in the player’s recent documentary, while he himself has a very close bond with his son which also formed a major theme in that film.


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