European winners


The football in Europe has always been the most anticipated and beloved by fans. Maybe because the history of game started on this continent or maybe because most of the fans of the sport are located there. So, here we are taking a look at the best European teams and what trophies they have won in their history.


The cups here that matter the most to the soccer society are the following – Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, European Super Cup and UEFA Cup. In the table we can see teams that once have been hegemons in their domestic leagues as well as in Europe, but have lost their shine now. For example – Nothingam Forest, Feyenoord, Ajax and Parma.

We are basically combining the numbers of cups won here so we can compare them by this number. The interesting ones are of course these on top. On 3rd spot we see the team of Barcelona – the current champion in Spain and holder of the UEFA Champions League Cup (17 cups). Second, with 18 cups in total is the team of Milan A.C. And the top spot is occupied by Real Madrid with their amazing 10 Champions League Cups. Take a look at all the teams in the comparison table below.


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