Hilarious!! Cristiano Ronaldo making fun of Marcelo’s hair


One of the closest companions of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid is Marcelo, who in spite of being one of those “trusted” whom Cristiano Ronaldo making fun unfailingly. As of late, the whole format merengue gathering will meet to be a piece of a promoting effort where fans are welcome to obtain the installment of the squad and have the capacity to go to all gatherings of the team. Marcelo made ​​the “mistake” put before Cristiano, who did wouldn’t fret the cameras were taking pictures or recording, and he played a trick on his fellow team member. Exploiting the inexhaustible hair the Brazilian side, the Portuguese wanted to do an examination to check whether the card endorser could stand splendidly on the head of Marcelo. After a few tries and whatever remains of the squad, since he understood his diversion, Cristiano Ronaldo was left with no other alternative than forsake the thought.

Watch the video in which Cristiano Ronaldo making fun Marcelo’s hair:


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